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The women of Faith were invited to a Ladie’s Tea on February 19th, 2012 in their honor.  Here they learned more about the exciting new options for participation. The Ladies of Faith are a powerful drive within the church because we are bound together in service and sisterhood. Everyone had an opportunity to sign up for events or services that best met their gifts, talents, and time.  The response was overwhelming. Listed below are the 5 committees: Fellowship Committee Service Committee Healing Hands Committee Sunshine Committee Events Committee   We recently observed BOLD WOMEN’S DAY the last Sunday in February which celebrates all Lutheran Women who have acted or are acting boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ. We know that each women will act boldly in a way that is unique to her, so we talk about each of us “finding our bold”. Some boldness is firm and quiet. Some is bright and loud. We want to help each other find that bold, live it out, and celebrate it. Based on the wonderful turnout and commitment at our Ladies Tea, we have reason to celebrate!   For further questions, comments, concerns, or interests, please contact Sue Schaid at   slschaid@gmail.com   For those interested in the Mission Discovery Journey please contact Rochelle Freymiller at  drfreymiller@frontier.com WELCA Committees in Full Swing this spring 2012 The five committees have been meeting to plan projects, events, and activities for the rest of this year. The following are contact leaders for the five committees: Events: Karla Tildahl, Fellowship: Sue Schaid, Service: Gail Nelson, Sunshine: Tracy Volbrecht and Healing Hands: Nancy Clifford. Any concerns may be directed to Sue at slschaid@gmail.com   Nursery Attendant Changes Starting May 7th Please check the upcoming Sunday bulletins for the changes that have been made for nursery attendants. All interested volunteers will be on call any Sunday that you are here but only on an “as needed” basis.